In September 2013, an ardent sponsor supported us in purchasing a house and land in Nancamarinan, Tarlac. Construction and Activities Now we have more open space to provide a variety of activities for the villagers:

  1. Basketball Court and Multi-Purpose Activity Shelter – A new basketball court and multi-purpose activity shelter were built in the swampy land.
  2. Monkey Bars – It is the first set of monkey bars built in this village; kids enjoy so much to climb and swing on it!
  3. Simple Toys and Equipment – They seldom have their own toys; and they feel so satisfied with simple toys and our handmade weight-lifting equipment.
  4. Drawing – They so treasure the chance to draw; they do not even have their own paper and crayons.
  5. Group Games – During group game time, you can hear their laughter even from far away. We are thankful to all the volunteers who help the kids have such joyous moments!
  6. Volleyball