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Residents had long undergone the inconvenience of walking in the dark. Light and Love Home recently sponsored the setting up of street lights at some pathways. People are thankful for this project.


Young and energetic teams from Singapore and Sydney organized several funfairs to spread the festive joy in Tarlac and Caloocan. The children had fun with the games and were very happy to receive gifts. 

For the first time, Light and Love team visited Caloocan to understand the situation and the needs of the community, aiming to provide for them care and support.

Ukulele Class

Light and Love volunteers took the active role to contact NHC High School and to conduct ukulele class on campus. About 30 students and teachers took heart to learn with joy. They were fast learners! In only two sessions they had learned London Bridge is Falling Down and the Happy Birthday Song. They could also play together.

Contact with residents

Light and Love volunteers contacted different communities including elementary and high school students and housewives to understand their situation. Most of the high school students were not given post-secondary education due to poverty. Some of them had excellent academic performances but had to miss out the opportunity.

In slum areas people built some shacks as their home on the land that belonged to the government. Their living condition was adverse. We are considering some ways to assist these needy people.

Food giving

On October 11, Light and Love volunteers, along with 8 local high school student volunteers, launched a food giving service for about 60 children. They were not only fed but also felt the care from us.

Home Visits


Light and Love volunteers paid visits to some local residents and found out that their houses were simply made out of bricks, straw mats and metal sheets. These houses become very hot and stuffy after the sun heats up the metal sheets on the housetop. In one of the houses, there are two rooms in which live four families, 16 people in total. Their living condition is very poor, and sometimes they are not certain if they will have food for dinner.  

Interest Class

Three days in a row, Light and Love volunteers taught handcraft such as origami and drawing in Ventenilla Primary School. We also played games with them, and our laughter attracted some lower grades students to join us. Afterwards, we invited them to our centre across from their school to have some activities after lunchtime. Each time there were 10 to 20 students.  

In August, the bearer of Light and Love Home met the government officer responsible for social service in Manila. In the meeting, the procedures of setting up a children’s home were discussed and the team understood the situation more. Light and Love Home is now exploring the feasibility of setting up a children’s home in the Northern part of the country so that we can take care of the orphans.

Thanks for the great support and help from the LLH volunteer team from Hong Kong. The Ukulele class, Keyboard class and Harmonica class they taught, attracting over 80 participants in total, were the most successful.  Their help allows us to give those gifted but financially difficult a good learning opportunity. 

At the end of 2014/2015 school year, coworkers of Light and Love Home in Tarlac were invited to attend the graduation ceremony of a school that we sponsor. We organized an information session and promoted various interest classes for the new term.

We received gifts from Canada, which we gave out to different compounds. Needless to say, the kids were so happy to get free toys!

Balaoang High School Annex, the school participating in our Education Sponsorship Program has a new Head Teacher. Light and Love Home coworkers met up with him to discuss different programs and services, which the school greatly welcomed. The new plans include making home visits, designing volunteer opportunities for the students, and organizing a medical team to share their life experiences with the students. We hope to help them not just academically, but also to help them build a correct value system in their lives. We also arranged a meeting to share and discuss with the teachers how to help the students together..

We provided leadership training for youths, with workshop topics including: Training our bodies with exercise, establishing good lifestyle habits, and spiritual training. One of their favourite parts of the sessions was the breakfast time, since some of them come from poor families and don’t often get a chance to have a good breakfast. Their training time for some sessions was very early morning (even as early as 5:30am), but they greatly enjoyed coming!

Remark: 0% Administration fee policy is applied to all programs and projects organised by Light and Love Home Worldwide Charity Services.

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